Huston Malande

Entrepreneur. Christian.
Forbes Africa | Top 30 Under 30 UNICEF | Youth Advocate Airtel | Future Shaper


It is providentially poetic that Huston was born the same year that the world wide web was invented: 1989. His parents—Tom and Hellen Malande—were instrumental to his inquisitiveness, character, and pursuit of excellence. He and his brother Gaitano began experimenting with computers when Huston was 12.

When he sat his KCSE exams at Mang'u High, he ranked 24th overall nationwide. He applied to Harvard but got turned down, after which he stumbled upon web app programming and taught himself to code during his gap year. This became his entry into the professional world via Skyline Design, established in 2008.

He then got admitted to the Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree programme at The University of Nairobi but almost dropped out as a sophomore; not only did he strongly feel that the computing future of Africa was in software rather than hardware, but also—pragmatically speaking—he and his team of “Martians” were already engaging clients in the calibre of Nation Media Group.

His parents advised him to switch to Computer Science, for which he graduated in 2015. That same year, he was named an Airtel Future Shaper, and Skyline Design was awarded by the iHub for being amongst the top 100 companies to have shaped the Kenyan tech landscape. In June 2018, he got listed as one of the Top 30 Under 30 African techpreneurs by Forbes Africa. He is also excited to be collaborating with UNICEF as a Youth Advocate, inspiring and creating opportunities for the next generation of young entrepreneurs and mothers.


Skyline Design

CEO & Co-Founder

Huston co-founded the company with David Kuria and Brian Wangila. His years of experience as a designer and coder enable him to provide oversight without glossing over the details.

Presently, almost ⅓ of his time is spent in business development and strategy meetings. The rest is jealously guarded to do actual design and coding work.

Safaricom Alpha

Senior Product Designer

Along with a significant number of Martians, Huston consults for Safaricom Alpha. The team applies human-centred design principles as they build future products for millions of users.

He runs design sprints with high-level management and senior specialists, then provides mission-critical UX expertise for new innovative products.

Martian Enterprise

Group Managing Director

Beyond Skyline Design is a group of companies with other like-minded Martians. Each sister company has a team of experts at one particular service area, from mobile app development to public relations.

The different teams work together modularly to create delightful products internally and also for clients.

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